No Forum

Dear chess friends,

We have no forum. That is a pity, but hardly to change. A dead forum doesn't help anyone.

I want to keep the shortfall to a minimum by setting up an area here where it can be published. It should also serve my need to tell my opinion, where it doesn't have to meet with other players' opinion, but other players can have a different opinion without peace suffering from it.

Since it is not a forum, it must be an area that is restricted to correspondence chess and whose contributions must be related to correspondence chess.

I'll put some existing pages in there first.

There follows a more general post about email correspondence chess.

Furthermore, I will post a contribution that highlights the effort for our EmailChessPoint and from which I hope for personal relief in the interest of all.

I would be happy if the contributions were of interest. Interest is shown in the fact that the interested parties have something to contribute to the topic, supplement or criticism. Both have their place here. I would also be happy, if other correspondence chess players would write contributions to other topics of the range of topics.

And I promise: only insults and adulation are censored. Carefully only obviously unwanted and continuous lower case is improved.

1 Tools in EmailChessPoint (useful for players and visitors)
2 EmailChessPoint: About the right to be forgotten here
3 Wish list of the EmailChessPoint project manager for 2019
4 The Reflection Time in EmailChessPoint
5 A view to the email correspondence chess
6 The effort in the EmailChessPoint and the necessity of cooperation in the interest of all

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