Utilities in EmailChessPoint

Füfor messages and inquiries, but especially for all registrations there is a contact form for you to use. The vacationtool (only in German) is for holiday messages. The helpme-tool (only in German) is for help after loss of dates.

Other forms make it easier to send "Game running" messages, formal reminders, the message if a player does not draw despite a reminder, and the submission of finished matches. On the tournament pages, players will find links to them in the status field of running games.

Who only wants to convert games into PGN format without sending them in, uses the PGN-Maker.

A tiny little form is also on this page. It helps, download all games played in EmailChessPoint at the same time. Click on the button "To the games". A new window will open. Mark everything there, copy it, paste it into a text editor (notepad) and save the Result as PGN file. You can set a minimum number of times in advance.


If you are only interested in the games of your tournament, you will find on the Tournament pages links to PGN-files with the finished games of this tournament. You can open them online with chess management programs or save them on your PC.

On the players page there is a link for each player on his rating number. There he can reach a form, which tells him how an expected game result will affect his scoring.

The form can also be accessed directly. 30 or more evaluated games are required (k-factor: 20). The following link will take you there: Rating calculator.

Our chess friend Bernhard Riess has allowed the transfer of his article Fernschach-Verwaltung mit ChessBase publishing also with us. He points out that sending the mail from ChessBase only works with Outlook (or another MAPI-based program). Please note this on your part.

You can make any page directly callable, by setting a bookmark (favorite) on them.

To the tools belong also many small things, which the EmailChessPoint-responsibles to make it possible to process all incoming information immediately. They enable fast tournament starts and always up to date pages.

Do you have any ideas for other aids? Always give us your ideas! Contact form Almost anything can be done with PHP!

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