Wish list of the EmailChessPoint project manager for 2019

I would like to be in 2019 for myself and the EmailChessPoint:

- more time to email correspondence chess at home, ---> nearly fulfilled at the end of the year

- many new players, ---> particularly fulfilled, overtaken to 2020

- a designer who entrance page, equipped with the courage to innovate, ---> sadly sighing resigned

- a cup tournament with real cups, ---> fulfilled!

- a trophy sponsor, also for the league, or a financial and trophy sponsorship association, ---> overtaken to 2020

- Tournament Directors, ---> fulfilled!

- Tournament Directors, ---> fulfilled!

- Tournament Directors, ---> overtaken to 2020

- an EmailChessPoint newsletter, ---> overtaken to 2020

- a working group for public relations work, ---> resigned

- Ideas for further solutions. ---> fulfilled

What do you want from EmailChessPoint?