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On this page you can find all EmailChessPoint players who are registered in a running or advertised tournament - today 78 -, first sorted alphabetically. A list of all players can be found here. You find absent players on the list of the absent players.

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1Altmann, Udo2172‑373 KO-022 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide D-006 D-031 D-054 D-064 E-022 E-046 E-062 KO-003 KO-006 KO-017 S-001 S-012 S-030 S-034 T-007 T-011 T-014 T-036 T-054 T-055 T-056 T-057 T-076 T-088 T-089154115351802259,5 %91,0
2Arkefeldt, Fredrik1959‑35 Pyramide T-0848821531,3 %2,5
3Augustin, Christian2016‑122 D-079 KO-021 KO-024 KO-025 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide T-109 T-110 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_C_2020 C-002 D-049 D-054 D-072 E-042 E-046 E-058 E-059 KO-015 KO-016 KO-017 S-028 S-029 S-031 T-066 T-078 T-079 T-09010310333591160,7 %62,5
4Azpiri, Luis2106‑155 Pokal_2020 S-041 S-033161662843,8 %7,0
5Baermann, Joachim1915‑110 D-079 Pokal_2019 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_E_2020 D-027 D-035 E-017 E-025 S-017 T-028 T-091414119111159,8 %24,5
6Blittkowsky, Ralf2033‑307 Pokal_2019 Pyramide 2._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_B_2018 3._Liga_D_2021 D-041 S-008 S-017 S-020 S-024 S-026 S-027 Team_Captains_1 Team_League_2019-20666630211561,4 %40,5
7Borrmann, Fritz2074‑485 2._Liga_B_2022 KO-020 KO-033 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-039 S-043 T-108 2._Liga_B_2018 2._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_A_2021 F-003 F-004 F-005 KO-008 KO-016 LigaA1 S-002 S-018 S-035 T-005 T-049 T-055 T-056 T-062 T-063 T-071 T-0871281111747442659,0 %69,0
8Briceno, Jose1853‑22 D-084 KO-032 Pyramide6660,0 %0,0
9Claus, Jens1981‑281 3._Liga_C_2022 KO-020 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_Captains_3 Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 D-023 D-029 KO-003 KO-004 S-013 S-019 S-022 Team_Captains_2 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-219889027402352,2 %47,0
10Cremerius, Armin1917‑86 KO-026 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 KO-011101926155,6 %5,0
11Diener, Reinhard2194‑313 2._Liga_A_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 1._Liga_2021 2._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_A_2019 S-008 Team_League_2020-21854812156460,5 %49,0
12Feix, Torsten2056‑48 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pyramide 2._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_A_2021 D-047 KO-014 S-026 S-027 Team_League_2019-20505020131753,0 %26,5
13Gburek, Juergen2347‑71 Pokal_2019 Pokal_20207161558,3 %3,5
14Giesen, Klaus R.2235‑170 Pokal_2019 Pyramide 1._Liga_2019 2._Liga_B_2018 LigaA2 T-001 T-011 T-014 T-023 T-03680802452462,5 %50,0
15Grimm, Wolfgang1642‑1218 D-084 D-085 E-107 E-112 KO-021 KO-023 KO-025 Pokal_2020 Pyramide S-040 S-043 S-044 S-045 S-049 S-050 T-107 T-116 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2019 D-023 D-025 D-034 D-056 D-061 D-063 D-069 D-070 D-073 D-074 E-019 E-030 E-031 E-032 E-040 E-042 E-050 E-051 E-054 E-066 E-073 E-074 KO-003 KO-004 KO-005 KO-007 KO-008 KO-009 KO-010 KO-011 KO-012 S-007 S-008 S-009 S-010 S-011 S-012 S-014 S-015 S-017 S-018 S-019 S-020 S-021 S-022 S-023 S-025 S-027 S-028 S-032 S-033 S-034 S-036 S-037 T-021 T-034 T-035 T-039 T-070 T-09633525310862819632,3 %100,0
16Grott, Peter2204‑2005 1._Liga_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 LM201746244439153,4 %23,5
17Haack, Stefan1589‑147 Pokal_2019 S-025884450,0 %4,0
18Hargreaves, Richard1783‑246 Pokal_2019 3._Liga_C_2019 D-025 D-026 D-027 D-028 D-031 D-036 D-037 E-023 E-041 KO-005 KO-007 KO-008 KO-009 KO-010 KO-012 KO-015 S-008 S-015 T-027 T-033 T-039 T-042 T-044 T-045 T-066 Team_League_2019-20939325165235,5 %33,0
19Heyn, Wolfgang1991‑235 3._Liga_D_2022 D-078 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 S-039 S-046 T-100 3._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 D-057 D-058 D-070 S-030 S-031 S-0326846421321157,8 %37,0
20Hoeger, Guenter2056‑305 3._Liga_A_2022 KO-029 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-038 S-043 S-044 S-049 S-050 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_E_2020 D-001 F-004 KO-001 KO-016 MK-01 S-004 S-007 S-012 S-017 S-024 S-026 S-029 S-031 S-033 T-001 T-008 T-013 T-015 T-031 T-043 T-059 T-072 T-074 T-075 T-081 T-095 T-09821611020569924456,1 %115,0
21Hoeppenstein, Michael2278‑921 1._Liga_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 KO-009 LM2017 LigaA2 T-073 T-074 Team_League_2019-2099297336467,0 %65,0
22Hoffmann, Heiko2097‑170 3._Liga_A_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_B_2020 2._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_A_2019367291012755,2 %16,0
23Ilchen, Holger2125‑44 Pokal_2020 Team_League_2021-22 MK-01716650,0 %3,0
24Jakobi, Markus2074‑36 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 T-102 T-113 S-031 T-098232361763,0 %14,5
25John, Guenter1738‑737 3._Liga_B_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-039 S-044 S-045 S-046 S-050 S-051 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_B_2018 3._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_C_2019 F-004 S-002 S-004 S-010 S-015 S-016 S-018 S-021 S-024 S-025 S-030 S-032 S-034 S-035 S-03718065169253610825,4 %43,0
26Keller, Gert Dr.2231‑486 1._Liga_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 2._Liga_B_2021 MK-01 T-013684641050454,7 %35,0
27Klawitter, Bernd1586‑129 Pokal_2020 D-055 D-063 Team_League_2020-2110102820,0 %2,0
28Klein, Manfred2144‑210 2._Liga_B_2022 Pokal_2020 Pyramide 2._Liga_B_202045639924653,8 %21,0
29Kluge, Bernd2232‑159 3._Liga_B_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2019 S-006784742546364,9 %48,0
30Knoblauch-Becker, Manfredo2221‑406 1._Liga_2022 KO-022 KO-024 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-041 S-045 S-048 T-113 Team_League_2021-22 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 2._Liga_B_2018 2._Liga_B_2019 D-005 D-006 D-011 D-012 D-037 D-044 D-045 E-098 F-005 F-006 KO-002 KO-008 KO-011 KO-013 S-001 S-003 S-004 S-005 S-015 S-019 S-020 S-021 S-022 S-035 S-037 Team_League_2020-212179208103911471,4 %148,5
31Koehler, Hans-Christian1784‑264 2._Liga_A_2022 KO-026 Pyramide S-040 T-104 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2018 3._Liga_C_2020 D-075 E-080 S-006 T-033 T-037 T-078 T-0806326118152841,8 %25,5
32Kornblum, Dittmar1950‑443 3._Liga_B_2022 D-082 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 3._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_D_2019 3._Liga_D_2020 D-032 D-033 D-038 D-040 D-046 D-062 D-063 D-066 E-059 E-091 F-006 KO-013 LM2017 S-026 Team_League_2019-208257732172852,6 %40,5
33Krampe, Christian1993‑35 Pyramide111101955,0 %5,5
34Krebs, Hans1974‑385 3._Liga_D_2022 D-081 F-008 KO-025 KO-026 KO-029 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_D_2020 3._Liga_D_2021 C-003 C-005 D-069 F-007 KO-001 KO-002 KO-003 KO-004 KO-006 KO-008 KO-011 KO-013 KO-014 KO-015 Team_League_2020-2110489626442650,0 %48,0
35Krueger, Dirk2282‑194 1._Liga_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 1._Liga_2021 2._Liga_B_2019 2._Liga_B_2020 LM2017 LigaA1781773045268,2 %52,5
36Krutsch, Thomas2043‑118 2._Liga_B_2022 D-081 D-083 D-086 D-088 E-099 E-103 E-104 E-105 E-107 E-109 E-110 KO-019 KO-020 KO-021 KO-022 KO-023 KO-024 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-033 KO-034 KO-035 KO-036 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-038 S-043 S-046 S-047 S-048 S-049 S-051 Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 D-058 D-060 D-061 D-062 D-065 D-066 D-067 D-069 D-071 D-074 E-049 E-050 E-052 E-055 E-057 E-060 E-063 E-064 E-068 E-071 E-075 E-079 E-083 E-088 E-092 E-094 E-097 S-036 S-03720966114278323266,2 %94,0
37Lange, Steffen2091‑893 KO-025 KO-032 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 S-038 S-048 T-114 2._Liga_B_2020 D-003 D-039 E-074 F-004 KO-003K S-001 S-005 S-016 S-030 T-022 T-039 T-085 T-0868878140291267,3 %54,5
38Lemke, Burghard2158‑302 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 Team_League_2019-20232388752,2 %12,0
39Lieske, Gerhard1845‑281 Pokal_2019 2._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_A_201913131127,7 %1,0
40Malewicz, Frank1987‑740 Pokal_2020 S-040 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_B_2020 D-030 D-045 D-071 KO-006 KO-015 S-013 S-024 S-028 S-033 Team_League_2020-21686827212055,1 %37,5
41Mansholt, Alfred1942‑34 KO-018 KO-020 KO-021 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-034 Pokal_2021 Pyramide D-024 D-040 KO-005 KO-006 KO-0104313391881356,4 %22,0
42Marten, Gero2087‑33 Pokal_2019 KO-011441362,5 %2,5
43Martin, Bernhard2310‑162 1._Liga_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 LigaA2 T-065541531933167,0 %35,5
44Martins, Karin1945‑1194 3._Liga_B_2022 D-078 D-082 D-083 D-084 D-086 D-087 D-088 E-101 E-102 E-104 E-109 E-111 KO-018 KO-019 KO-020 KO-021 KO-022 KO-023 KO-024 KO-025 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-033 KO-034 KO-035 KO-036 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-038 S-039 S-040 S-041 S-042 S-044 S-045 T-100 T-101 T-102 T-103 T-104 T-105 T-106 T-108 T-109 T-111 T-112 T-114 T-115 T-116 T-117 Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_C_2020 3._Liga_D_2019 D-075 D-076 D-077 E-055 E-061 E-064 E-070 E-071 E-072 E-075 E-076 E-077 E-078 E-081 E-082 E-084 E-085 E-089 E-090 E-092 E-093 KO-001 KO-003 KO-003K KO-004 KO-005 KO-006 KO-007 KO-016 KO-017 S-011 S-012 S-036 S-037 T-001 T-024 T-025 T-040 T-041 T-042 T-044 T-045 T-046 T-047 T-048 T-049 T-050 T-051 T-052 T-054 T-057 T-058 T-059 T-061 T-062 T-063 T-064 T-065 T-067 T-068 T-069 T-070 T-075 T-076 T-077 T-078 T-079 T-080 T-081 T-082 T-083 T-084 T-085 T-086 T-087 T-090 T-091 T-093 T-094 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-214906774071457818445,2 %184,0
45Mathes, Christian2027‑14 KO-027 D-00661521250,0 %2,5
46Mayer, Roger2472‑494 KO-028 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22111283568,8 %5,5
47Mueller, Horst2087‑237 2._Liga_B_2018 2._Liga_B_2019 2._Liga_B_20201818310544,4 %8,0
48Neumann, Frank1446‑714 3._Liga_D_2022 E-112 KO-018 KO-019 KO-021 KO-025 KO-028 KO-031 KO-033 KO-034 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-038 S-051 S-052 Team_Captains_3 Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_B_2020 3._Liga_D_2019 3._Liga_D_2021 C-001 C-002 C-004 C-005 D-072 D-073 D-074 KO-001 KO-002 KO-003K KO-004 KO-005 KO-007 KO-008 KO-009 KO-012 KO-014 KO-017 S-001 S-004 S-006 S-007 S-010 S-011 S-014 S-016 S-027 S-034 S-035 T-048 T-080 Team_Captains_2 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-2121212619414101709,8 %19,0
49Niederdorf, Walter1752‑58 3._Liga_B_2022 E-100 Pokal_2019 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_B_2019 D-027 E-018 E-049 E-056 E-061 E-062 T-022 T-027 T-031 T-035 T-040 T-046 T-076 Team_League_2020-216856311104225,4 %16,0
50Nowak, Mathias1268‑176 KO-028 Pyramide S-044 T-106 D-077 E-086 E-087 S-0012727270,0 %0,0
51Passmann, Bernard C.ohne 3._Liga_D_2022 Pyramide8441325,0 %1,0
52Peters, Andreas2262‑207 2._Liga_A_2022 KO-025 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide 2._Liga_A_202126101661068,8 %11,0
53Riess, Bernhard2258‑126 1._Liga_2022 1._Liga_2018 1._Liga_2019 1._Liga_2020 1._Liga_2021 LigaA137532524353,1 %17,0
54Rodriguez Perez, Rene2120‑186 2._Liga_B_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pyramide S-047 S-048 3._Liga_B_2018 KO-002 KO-003 KO-012 S-006 S-007 S-008 S-009 S-020 S-021 S-022 S-023 S-031 S-0329798834411361,9 %54,5
55Roessner, Horst2241‑176 2._Liga_A_2022 D-080 E-099 E-100 E-101 E-102 KO-020 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-033 KO-035 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-039 S-041 S-042 S-043 S-046 S-047 S-048 S-049 S-050 S-051 S-052 T-104 T-110 T-113 T-116 Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_A_2020 D-054 D-057 D-058 D-059 D-060 D-065 D-071 E-048 E-053 E-063 E-068 S-035 T-085 T-097 T-099 Team_League_2020-2121712231828210072,5 %132,0
56Schaefer, Uwe2403‑420 Pokal_2020 2._Liga_A_2020 KO-017 S-029151558260,0 %9,0
57Schirmer, Michael2211‑453 Pokal_2019 D-042 D-070 KO-014151510583,3 %12,5
58Schleef, Harald2111‑94 KO-018 KO-019 Pokal_2020 Pyramide S-049 S-050 Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_A_2020 D-053 D-068 KO-016 KO-017 S-029 S-030 S-031 S-033 Team_League_2020-21787713037468,3 %48,5
59Schmid, Thomas1781‑12 Pyramide F-005111114627,3 %3,0
60Schmitz, Josef2206‑65 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_B_2021 Team_Captains_2 Team_League_2020-21352331516269,7 %23,0
61Scholz, Gerfried2100‑37 Pyramide MK-01 Team_League_2019-207253280,0 %4,0
62Schrimpl, Michael1802‑731 3._Liga_C_2022 KO-018 KO-022 KO-023 KO-024 KO-027 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-034 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-042 S-043 S-044 S-046 S-047 S-050 S-051 T-105 2._Liga_B_2019 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_C_2021 3._Liga_D_2020 F-003 F-005 KO-002 KO-003 KO-004 KO-005 KO-008 KO-010 KO-011 KO-012 KO-013 KO-014 S-001 S-002 S-004 S-005 S-006 S-010 S-011 S-014 S-019 S-020 S-023 S-025 S-027 S-030 S-031 S-032 S-033 S-035 S-036 S-037 T-009 T-021 T-029 T-032 T-038 T-060 T-081 T-095272620246745212040,7 %100,0
63Schwenger, Kurt2252‑373 2._Liga_A_2022 D-080 F-008 KO-023 KO-024 KO-028 KO-030 KO-033 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 S-038 S-045 S-047 S-049 T-103 T-110 T-112 Team_League_2021-22 1._Liga_2020 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2021 C-001 C-002 C-003 C-004 C-005 D-011 D-067 D-068 KO-015 MK-01 S-022 T-015 T-036 T-097 Team_Captains_1 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21169191507275373,0 %109,5
64Staggat, Rolf2077‑55 2._Liga_B_2022 S-040 2._Liga_B_2021186125770,8 %8,5
65Tavenrath, Rainer1810‑475 D-087 E-103 KO-023 KO-025 KO-034 Pokal_2019 Pyramide S-042 T-115 Team_League_2021-22 C-001 C-003 C-004 D-048 D-051 D-052 D-055 E-029 E-047 E-054 E-056 E-057 E-069 E-070 E-080 E-086 E-095 KO-012 KO-015 LigaA1 S-002 S-003 S-020 S-026 T-053 T-058 T-060 T-061 T-073 T-084 T-091 T-092 T-096 Team_League_2020-211521014231575441,9 %59,5
66Trautz, Rainer2058‑157 3._Liga_D_2022 KO-031 Pokal_2019 Pyramide S-048 2._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_C_2019 D-041 KO-0073082296754,5 %12,0
67Vetter, Udo1641‑2332 D-079 D-080 D-081 D-082 D-083 D-085 D-086 D-087 D-088 E-105 E-108 E-110 KO-018 KO-019 KO-022 KO-024 KO-026 KO-027 KO-030 KO-034 Pokal_2019 S-038 S-040 S-042 S-044 S-045 S-046 S-050 T-101 T-102 T-103 T-105 T-107 T-111 T-114 3._Liga_A_2018 3._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_D_2019 3._Liga_D_2020 D-023 D-024 D-026 D-030 D-040 D-041 D-042 D-043 D-044 D-046 D-047 D-048 D-049 D-050 D-051 D-053 D-055 D-056 D-059 D-060 D-062 D-064 D-065 D-066 D-067 D-073 D-076 E-013 E-016 E-020 E-024 E-032 E-035 E-036 E-038 E-045 E-047 E-048 E-053 E-058 E-060 E-065 E-066 E-069 E-072 E-083 E-084 E-085 E-087 E-088 E-089 E-091 E-094 E-096 E-097 E-098 F-005 F-006 F-007 KO-009 KO-010 KO-012 KO-016 S-001 S-002 S-004 S-006 S-010 S-014 S-015 S-018 S-019 S-021 S-023 S-025 S-028 S-030 S-032 S-033 S-035 S-036 S-037 T-004 T-009 T-015 T-026 T-027 T-029 T-030 T-034 T-037 T-038 T-044 T-045 T-046 T-047 T-048 T-064 T-077 T-083 T-086 T-096 T-099521364851409225338,4 %186,0
68Warnest, Stefan1729‑483 3._Liga_C_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 3._Liga_C_2019 3._Liga_C_2021 3._Liga_E_202025619231418,4 %3,5
69Wittal, Werner2104‑1746 2._Liga_A_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-041 S-047 S-048 T-110 Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_B_2021 D-005 D-014 D-022 D-042 D-057 D-068 F-003 F-006 KO-001 KO-002 KO-005 KO-009 KO-013 KO-016 S-003 S-005 S-007 S-009 S-013 S-017 S-021 S-024 T-001 T-010 T-013 T-014 T-021 T-022 T-024 T-025 T-026 T-031 T-036 T-037 T-040 T-041 T-042 T-043 T-051 T-052 T-053 T-054 T-055 T-056 T-057 T-063 T-067 T-068 T-069 T-079 T-092 T-093 T-094 T-095 T-097 Team_Captains_1 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-21337123251261386160,0 %195,0
70Wloka, Frank1490‑81 E-106 Pyramide D-028 D-043 D-056 E-0732011982947,4 %9,0
71Ziegert, Andreas1990‑391 3._Liga_A_2022 KO-018 KO-023 KO-033 KO-034 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-039 S-041 S-043 T-100 T-112 Team_Captains_3 Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_A_2019 3._Liga_B_2020 D-043 D-052 D-059 E-051 E-052 F-007 KO-010 KO-014 S-029 S-036 T-071 T-072 T-082 T-089 T-092 T-099 Team_Captains_1 Team_Captains_2 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-211541214260641864,8 %92,0
72Ziegert, Dominik1815‑99 3._Liga_C_2022 F-008 KO-018 KO-020 KO-022 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_A_2021 3._Liga_C_2020 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-215014361020655,6 %20,0
73Ziegert, Jonathan2080‑32 2._Liga_B_2022 F-008 KO-019 KO-021 KO-033 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_B_2021 3._Liga_D_2020 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-214911381222460,5 %23,0
74Ziegert, Maurice2174‑41 2._Liga_A_2022 F-008 KO-019 KO-021 KO-023 KO-029 KO-032 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide Team_League_2021-22 3._Liga_D_2021 3._Liga_E_2020 T-088 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-215814441720761,4 %27,0
75Zielinski, Sergej2259‑1022 1._Liga_2022 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-049 Team_League_2021-22 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2019 2._Liga_A_2020 2._Liga_A_2021 S-006 S-007 S-008 S-009 S-010 S-011 S-013 S-016 S-018 S-019 S-021 S-023 S-026 S-027 S-028 S-029 S-034 Team_League_2020-2117516159857476,7 %122,0
76Zoechling, Herbert2162‑851 2._Liga_A_2022 KO-019 KO-020 KO-024 KO-027 KO-029 KO-030 KO-031 KO-032 KO-035 KO-036 Pokal_2019 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 Pyramide S-039 S-040 S-041 S-042 S-045 S-046 S-047 S-051 T-110 Team_League_2021-22 1._Liga_2019 2._Liga_A_2018 2._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 F-007 KO-001 KO-006 KO-007 KO-013 KO-015 KO-017 S-002 S-003 S-004 S-005 S-010 S-012 S-013 S-015 S-017 S-022 S-023 S-024 S-025 S-028 S-032 S-034 S-036 T-030 T-050 T-082 T-083 T-087 T-088 T-089 T-098 Team_League_2019-20 Team_League_2020-213057102881441103469,1 %199,0
77Zorr, Steffen2278‑135 2._Liga_B_2022 Pokal_2020 Pokal_2021 1._Liga_20212071328346,2 %6,0
78von Rosenberg, Clemens1227‑2179 3._Liga_A_2022 D-078 D-085 E-106 E-108 KO-022 KO-026 KO-027 KO-028 KO-032 Pokal_2020 Pyramide S-042 T-101 T-106 T-107 T-108 T-109 T-111 T-115 3._Liga_A_2020 3._Liga_C_2021 D-012 D-029 D-030 D-031 D-032 D-033 D-034 D-035 D-044 D-045 D-046 D-047 D-049 D-050 D-051 D-052 D-064 D-075 D-076 D-077 E-019 E-020 E-022 E-023 E-024 E-025 E-028 E-029 E-030 E-033 E-035 E-036 E-037 E-039 E-040 E-041 E-044 E-045 E-065 E-076 E-077 E-078 E-079 E-081 E-082 E-090 E-093 E-095 E-096 F-007 KO-004 KO-005 KO-006 KO-007 KO-013 KO-014 KO-015 KO-016 KO-017 S-011 S-012 S-014 S-023 S-024 S-028 S-029 S-034 T-025 T-030 T-032 T-051 T-052 T-058 T-059 T-060 T-061 T-062 T-064 T-065 T-066 T-067 T-068 T-069 T-070 T-071 T-072 T-075 T-077 T-090 T-093 T-094 Team_League_2019-20393339044634012,1 %47,0

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