How the EmailChessPoint Pyramid works

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Pyramid players behave like bicyclists at the top of a loop: trample up, buckle down.

You Want to Enter the Pyramid

Start the next step.

You Want to Challenge a Player

Go to the page with the picture of the pyramid. Is the name of the player on a yellow field? If you click on the name, a form opens that is almost filled out and that will help you.

You can't Find a Player to Challenge

Are you on the waiting list? If not, I'll help you. Use the contact form.

You are Challenged

Accept the challenge within 10 days.

Your Challenge Game is Hopelessly Draw

Explain the renunciation of an ascent. After that you can continue playing if the challenged player does not accept a draw. At the same time you can challenge another player or secure a place on the waiting table. The player who does not want to draw can also be challenged again.

You Win your Challenging Game

You ascend to the level of the vinced player. He descends to your level.

You won't Win your Challenge Game

Search a new challenge. On the lowest level you have 3 weeks to find it. On the other levels a bit longer.

You Easily Hold one Defensive Game after another to a Draw

Caution! If you draw 3 defense games in a row without changing levels in the meantime, you will be relegated one level.

This Page doesn't Answer your Questions

Possibly the additional rules for the EmailChessPoint pyramid will help you? Otherwise I'll help you. Use the contact form.

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