EmailChessPoint: Scoring Rules

§ 1

These scoring rules apply to the players in the EmailChessPoint.

§ 2

Each player in the EmailChessPoint has a scoring number, consisting of a score and an index, which usually indicates the number of games evaluated.

§ 3

The first scoring number of a player who has already played evaluated chess games will be taken over if possible, if the result of the evaluations is published.

§ 4

The person responsible for the scoring numbers primarily accepts earlier EmailChessPoint scores, then scoring numbers of the German E-mail Chess Club (DESC), FWZ of the German Correspondence Chess Federation (BdF) related to the regular gaming operation, scoring numbers of the International Correspondence Chess Federation (ICCF) as well as other national associations affiliated to it. The person responsible may accept comparable or converted correspondence chess scores of other correspondence chess providers, in particular correspondence chess servers. It may accept Chess 960 scores and scores related to No-Engine ranges with an index of up to 3 or local chess scores with an index of up to 2. Players for whom no scoring number can be accepted will receive the first scoring number 0-0.


§ 5

As a rule, only one scoring number can be accepted. This or the first scoring number 0-0 may be exchanged for a priority scoring number if one is known or acquired before an opponent's game has been evaluated on its basis.

§ 6

The evaluation of a game takes place when both players have made at least 1 move and at least one player has an index of at least 5. The person responsible evaluates each finished game in the order of completion by entering the result and the current scores of each player in the file provided for this purpose in a single operation. This calculates from an index of 5 according to a slightly modified Elo mode. If the index is less than 5, the game will not be evaluated to the advantage or disadvantage of the opponent. In the case of a player with such an index, winning games with the score increased by 677 points, draw games with the score and losing games with the score of the opponent reduced by 677 points will be accepted. It is evaluated as if all games leading to the new index had been evaluated at the same time.

§ 7

Rating numbers of a player are stored as long as game results of the player are published in EmailChessPoint tournament tables or it can be assumed that the player will play further games in EmailChessPoint.

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